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20 years of Consistent Results

More than 20 years of real results in proven tests. Our algorithm is prepared for all kinds of situations in financial market.

Telegram Group for Buyers

Access our group on the telegram after purchase. All of our customers have access to the group where we share ideas on configurations, strategies and results.

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Ninja Scalper

Ninja Scalper in detail

Understand the operation, see the tests performed with real results. Learn how to download the demo version and make your own tests.

Full Description

Understand the detailed functioning of the robot. Know the input parameters and how to use them to increase your profits.

View Our Test History

Check out our history of tests performed. All tests were done with professional tools that simulate the real market.

Download Demo and Testing

Download our demo version for free and learn how to run your own tests on Metatrader 4.

Explore Features

An expert advisor equipped with a multitude of tools to automate your trades.

Start with just $50

Our robot was created and optimized to work on Cents accounts. You will have all the support from opening a brokerage account and setting up.

Risk Management

Set a maximum allowed drawdown and all open orders will be closed upon reaching it. Have control over your risks.

Dedicated support

Dedicated support by email / whatsapp. Rest assured and our team will assist you in the whole process of installing and configuring the robot.


Select the operating mode according to your profile (Conservative / Standard / Aggressive).

Lot management

Choose between automatic lot (based on the account balance) or set the lot size manually.

FIFO Rules

Robot in compliance with FIFO rules (heavily used in USA Brokers).

Swap / Commissions Recovery

If your Broker charges commissions or if a swap is charged on the operation, the robot considers this amount in the profit of the operation, so you do not leave in the loss.

Group on Telegram

Access our groups on the telegram with more than 140 members. Exclusive for lifetime purchases.

Automatic Currency Deposit Detection

Can be used in exotic deposit currencies, for example: (Japanese yen / Russian ruble / Chinese yuan).

Pricing Packages

Check out our values for robot rental and for permanent acquisition.

Full Lifetime

  • License Without Expiration
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Support
  • Maximum use on 10 Simultaneous Computers
  • Telegram Group Access

Rent for 6 Months

  • 6 Month License
  • Maximum of 2 Updates
  • Support for 6 Months
  • Maximum use on 1 Simultaneous Computer
  • No Access to the Telegram Group

Rent for 3 Months

  • 3 Month License
  • Maximum of One Update
  • Support for 3 Months
  • Maximum use on 1 Simultaneous Computer
  • No Access to the Telegram Group

Rent for 30 Days

  • 30-Day License
  • No Updates
  • Support for 30 Months
  • Maximum use on 1 Simultaneous Computer
  • No Access to the Telegram Group